Work as a Nurse for St Philip’s Care



St Philip is a leading independent nursing home in England and Scotland.

We focus on providing the highest quality care for you or your loved ones.

Group St Philip has over 30 homes across the UK. Our headquarters is located in the heart of the West Midlands. We strive to maintain the highest standards of our services. We achieve this through comprehensive training of employees.

We are committed to what we do, which is why our homes are currently listed among the 20 largest suppliers of healthcare services throughout the UK. The most important is for us that You or the person close to you, treat our house as his own.

Our goal is to ensure that our patients have a sense of dignity, independence and privacy. We encourage all of our residents to participate in creating their immediate environment, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere.


Our goal is to provide high quality services in all our nursing homes through make ongoing research, assessments, planned activities. Our employees are empowered to achieve the required standards through engagement, training and development. We support choice, freedom, dignity, independence resident and participation in the planning needs of individual attention. Our goal is to meet the needs of całościowo- physically, mentally, socially and spiritually by promoting the independence of our services while maintaining a safe environment for all.



  • The rate of £ 11.50 – £ 12.50 dependent on qualifications and nursing home.
  • From 33 – to 44 hours a week.
  • Changes: short days (6h), long days (12 hours), nocki (12 hours) – dependent on nursing home.
  • Unpaid breaks.


  • The employer provides a house with private bedrooms.
  • Accommodation paid £ 75 tygodniowo- deducted from your pay.
  • The first month for free, each additional paid monthly in advance.
  • For each person, 2 sets of bed linen and towels, rooms fully furnished, crockery, cutlery, etc.

Guaranteed by the employer.

Employer covers the cost of your trip to the UK.

In the first week after arrival also we provide basic things such as coffee, tea, bread, butter.
Each receives a voucher worth £ 50 to use at the supermarket.



  • The rate of £ 8
  • 44 hours a week
  • Changes: short days (5.5godzin), long days (11 hours), nocki (11 hours) depending on the home and the number of staff
  • Breaks are not paid
  • Other conditions as above

PCQ Package

The PCQ understand that the first step to your dream position is good and accurate resume. We help with writing a CV, which will be directed to the position you are applying for.

We help candidates prepare for all types of conversations in order to enable the best representation of his candidacy prospective employer.

Our knowledge of the market in which we operate allows us to find suitable employment services to all our candidates.

We assist in the registration process in NMBI / NMC to all our candidates. We are in constant contact with both institutions, we will be able to prevent any delays and to obtain registration as soon as possible. We make sure that each of our candidates was collected from the airport on arrival by an employee of our company or employer. We also provide full assistance in the process of relocation for all of our candidates (the tax office, bank, etc.)