The Team of Interviewers

Rady od osob przeprowadzających rozmowy kwalifikacyjne

We spoke with one of our customers after interviews with about 20 nurses to find out what the nurses did right and wrong.
Three things that they think need improvement or were missing in conversation are:

1. The candidates’ life achievements
2. Knowledge of systems and legislation – HIQA / CQC
3. Knowledge and recognition of the country – Ireland / United Kingdom

The candidates’ life achievements
The employer felt that the nurses have a problem with talking about theirselves and about their life achievements. For this reason, it was hard to see the full potential of the nurse.

Tip 1:
Spend some time preparing a list of 10 achievements in your life, both in your private and professional life. Try to be enthusiastic during a call, answer all questions to the best of your ability if you can. This will help increase your chances of getting a job and make a good impression on the employer.

Knowledge of systems and legislation – HIQA / CQC
The employer wants to know that you have the knowledge and interest in the nursing and medical sector in the country. They want you to research it as they can ask questions about systems of regulation and legislation. They felt that nurses were not familiar enough to answer their questions.

Tip 2:
Make sure you are familiar with the two parties:
1. Page prospective employer (Hospital, Home Care)
2. The regulations and laws:
– Care Quality Commission (CQC – UK)
– The Health Information and Quality Association (HIQA – Ireland)

Knowledge and recognition of the country – Ireland / United Kingdom
Employers like to know that you are oriented with the country you will move to. In their view, it is particularly important that the nurse is familiar with the place in which they intend to carry out and understand the tax system, the cost of living, etc.

Tip 3:
Find out about life in Britain / Ireland.
Decinding to move to a new county is an important decision in your life and you should make an effort to get to know the location in which you plan to live. You should be well acquainted with your chosen place to live.