Work as Nurse a Lisheen Nursing Home

Rathcoole Village Center is positioned in the southern city of Dublin, the N7 national road, about 10 km from Dublin city center. Lisheen Nursing Home provides long-term care residents suffering from dementia, palliative care and various mental disabilities.

Lisheen Nursing Home is a center built with a new two-storey extension. This middle that started offering accommodation for 55 residents, has expanded to offer accommodation for 112 residents. The center was completed to a high standard to facilitate practice on the field of dementia.

The main entrance is located in a lobby and reception desk is the administrator. There is a spacious kitchen, library for residents, staff room, toilets for visitors, the room where residents can sit with family and office center manager. There are nine separate units on the first floor, namely, Apple Blossom, Bluebell, Carnation, Daffodil, Elderberry and Fuschia and on the second floor, Gardenia, Jasmine and Heather. On the first floor are a direct exit to the garden and alleys of this. Apple Blossom, Bluebell and Carnation are located in the main building and the rest in the newly built extension. Dining room, living room, kitchen and office nurses overlook the recreational facilities.

Access to the balcony is from the dining room. There are two toilets for residents located near the village. There is a room destination guests who want to spend the night in the center with residents.


  • NMBI fees paid. (These fees will retain 100% of the salary of the employee, if he resigns or is fired in the first 12 months, 75% in the first 18 months and 50% within 24 months.)
  • Experience is a plus, but not required for those nurses who are interested in working in the care sector residents
  • You will be met at the airport by the employer
  • The contract will be signed on the first day of work
  • The employer will pay part of the costs of accommodation
  • You will be assisted in finding a permanent home
  • Assistance in obtaining PPS Number’s and opening a bank account
  • The right to free choice in order uniform (no jeans and sportswear. Usually practical idea shirt / polo shirt, black pants and black shoes. They are not offered)
  • The company offers tea, coffee, sugar, soup, bread and butter for all employees
  • Pension
  • Life insurance for all employees
  • Free parking
  • Induction period offered
  • Educational courses on a wide range
  • Continuous training courses
  • The employer also offers various courses at the university level, as well as residents with Dementia Care Specialist, Specialist in Palliative Care, Management for nurses, specialist in wound care.



  • Opportunity to work as a medical assistant salary is recording with € 10 / h.
  • As a registered nurse will have a salary between € 15.50 and € 18 / hr depending on experience
  • Separate day and night shifts (one month of the year is asked staff to work day and night shifts).
  • Program: Week 1 – Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Week 2 – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. From 8 am until 20:30 on day shift and evening from 20 pm until 8 am for the night shift
  • 10% extra per hour for night shift
  • 100% + ¼ for Sundays
  • Double for holidays
  • Ticket price will be refunded in wages in the first month of work.
  • 20 days holiday (weekdays) or 8% of hours worked

PCQ Package

The PCQ understand that the first step to your dream position is good and accurate resume. We help with writing a CV, which will be directed to the position you are applying for.

We help candidates prepare for all types of conversations in order to enable the best representation of his candidacy prospective employer.

Our knowledge of the market in which we operate allows us to find suitable employment services to all our candidates.

We assist in the registration process in NMBI / NMC to all our candidates. We are in constant contact with both institutions, we will be able to prevent any delays and to obtain registration as soon as possible. We make sure that each of our candidates was collected from the airport on arrival by an employee of our company or employer. We also provide full assistance in the process of relocation for all of our candidates (the tax office, bank, etc.)

Lisheen Nursing Home