Praca pielęgniarki w Holly House Hospital


Work as a Nurse for Holly House Hospital

Located in Buckhurst Hill on the outskirts of London, in the middle of Epping Forest, Holly House Hospital is one of the largest private hospitals in the South East. Founded over 30 years ago, Holly House is known locally for its high standard of nursing care and friendly atmosphere.

In a multi-million pound redevelopment and expansion project, our hospital has doubled in size, with the opening of a new department, costing £20 million in 2013. New outpatients department was created with 19 professional offices, four well-equipped treatment rooms and hall of rooms oral surgery. There are also discrete areas all over the ward where patients can enjoy drinks and snacks or just relax in a tranquil view of the forest before they visit a doctor or waiting for the medication.

The hospital has a fully equipped Diagnostic Centre and Physiotherapy & Kilinikę Sport, which opened in 2012.
We have five operating theaters (including endoscopy units), outpatient surgery offices. We can make all kinds of treatment, with the removal of a mole to a hip replacement. All hospital rooms are private rooms with bathrooms.
Hospital Holly House offers everything patients can expect from the leader in private hospitals, including counseling and treatment in most medical specialties, diagnostic imaging, physiotherapy, treatment of infertility, private GP services, screening, surgery, plastic surgery and weight loss, regardless of whether the patient is insured or pays for their own treatment.

We also offer certain services to patients on behalf of the NHS.

Benefits offered Holly House Hospital for their employees:

  • Health insurance
  • Periodic examinations free of charge
  • Dental and eye checks
  • Free Parking
  • The subsidized meals in the cafeteria
  • Ticket to the gym
  • Cinema tickets, holidays, shopping discounts


  • 5 treatment rooms
  • 55 beds
  • 22 outpatient surgeries
  • Pharmacy
  • Diagnostic Center
  • Fertility center
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Physiotherapy
  • Private GP services
  • Laboratory of Pathology
  • Free Parking


PCQ Package

The PCQ understand that the first step to your dream position is good and accurate resume. We help with writing a CV, which will be directed to the position you are applying for.

We help candidates prepare for all types of conversations in order to enable the best representation of his candidacy prospective employer.

Our knowledge of the market in which we operate allows us to find suitable employment services to all our candidates.

We assist in the registration process in NMBI / NMC to all our candidates. We are in constant contact with both institutions, we will be able to prevent any delays and to obtain registration as soon as possible. We make sure that each of our candidates was collected from the airport on arrival by an employee of our company or employer. We also provide full assistance in the process of relocation for all of our candidates (the tax office, bank, etc.)