Work as a Nurse for Forest Healthcare

Forest Healthcare is a company that has made a commitment to take care of its residents and residents want to use the experience to determine the best possible service in the future. Their philosophy of values ​​encourages staff to get what is best in themselves. They engage people in a variety of positions, including senior care centers, nurses, caregivers, administrators, catering staff, organizers of activity, maintenance staff and housekeeping staff.

Forest Healthcare provides equal employment opportunities to choose their personnel on the basis of competence, experience and kindness / empathy. Their staff consists of people who show outstanding qualities healthcare professionals and good people empathetic, patient, who may be close to residents and their families. Their ambitious growth plans depend on attracting and retaining the best individuals in their team. Being a successful provider of healthcare is a challenge for candidates to work here. Forest Healthcare needs people who can do his job well and with pleasure care work for each of their residents. Forest Healthcare is a company in which you will be proud to take part. Forest Healthcare has 12 care centers in southern England, specializing in the following areas:

  • Dementia and Nursing
  • Neurological Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Special Care
  • Fully qualified nurses – Between £ 12.50 and £ 13.50hr.
  • Carers – Between £ 7 and £ 8.50 per hour.

You will be entitled to 25 days annual leave.

The employer does not have designated places for the accommodation, but is willing to help, for example, can rent a house for nurses. They are also willing to help workers find a permanent place to rent, to pay rent for the first month and then a deduction from their salary.

Most nursing homes have their own uniform, dark blue, usually uniforms, which will be provided by the employer for all nurses who work supports.

Meals will be provided in some places, this depends only nursing homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We will be greeted at the airport on arrival?
  • I will have time to prepare the start?
    Yes, training began training in nursing homes vary, but the first week is generally one induction and training
  • I have to do day shifts and night shifts?
    Overall general nurses are not employed only day shifts or night shifts under the contracts. However some nursing homes still have day shifts and night shifts separately, but so we can talk about this possibility should receive a job offer first.
  • I need experience?
    The employer is happy to help and develop assistants and employees accept and younger candidates with little experience
  • My sex matter?
    Not at all. There is no preference for male or female.

All services are free without commission !!!

PCQ Package

The PCQ understand that the first step to your dream position is good and accurate resume. We help with writing a CV, which will be directed to the position you are applying for.

We help candidates prepare for all types of conversations in order to enable the best representation of his candidacy prospective employer.

Our knowledge of the market in which we operate allows us to find suitable employment services to all our candidates.

We assist in the registration process in NMBI / NMC to all our candidates. We are in constant contact with both institutions, we will be able to prevent any delays and to obtain registration as soon as possible. We make sure that each of our candidates was collected from the airport on arrival by an employee of our company or employer. We also provide full assistance in the process of relocation for all of our candidates (the tax office, bank, etc.)

Forest Healthcare Head Office