NMC Registration for Nurses


The information below details the NMC Registration (British Nursing Boards) process for nurses trained in the EU. It is a step by step and page by page break down. There is also an explanation video coming soon.

We hope you find this helpful but if you have any questions please let us know and we will answer any questions you have. We have English, Polish, Romanian and Hungarian nationals on staff so please let us know which language you would like a call back in.

Step 1:
If you send us a copy of your CV highlighting your Qualifications making sure to show the exact date you started your nursing studies, the name of the qualification you received and also highlighting your experience with exact dates we will be able to contact you to let you know if you meet with EU Directives, which one and the steps to take for registration.

Step 2:
The second step of the process is ordering the actual application form, this can be done online at https://forms.nmc-uk.org/Forms/eurequest (link)

Once you fill in the online application they will send out the complete application form which you will need to fill in and return with all required documents in the envelope provided.

Step 3:
Read through the form carefully to make sure you fully understand what is required on every page. You will also receive a detailed booklet with the application form which you should read through carefully. Please take a moment to watch our instruction video which goes through the application page by page. You can also call us if you have any questions or use the link below to request a call back.

Step 4:
We would suggest that you photocopy this form and fill in the copy, you can email us a scanned copy of the completed form if you would like us to check it for you.

Step 5:
Once checked and confirmed there are no errors or information missing you will then complete the original form provided by NMC. You will need to get

  1. Certified copy of the picture page of your Passport or national identity card
  2. Certified copy of your Marriage Certificate / Divorce Certificate / Deed Poll (if applicable)
  3. Certified copy of your current Registration Certificate
  4. Certified copy of a Police Clearance Certificate from your country of training with sworn English translation. The certificate must be no older than 6 months on receipt by the NMC.
  5. Certified copy of your diploma and an English translation. If you have graduated with more than one relevant diploma, please supply certified copies of each one.
  6. 2 recent passport-size photos (with your name and reference number on the reverse side)
  7. EU certificate stating you meet with EU Directives with sworn translation, this certificate is normally issued by the authority in your Home country which hold your registration. In Romania this is issued by the Ministry of Health.
  8. Payment details

Any of these documents that are not in English will need to be accompanied by an original sworn translation.

All these documents along with the completed application form will returned in the provided envelope.

This process can be slightly different based on your education, country of training and the date you started your nurse training. We will be able to speak to every candidate on a one to one basis regarding this and advise you appropriately.

”PCQ Recruitment provides all the above services free of charge and never charges our candidate any fee for anything. There are costs incurred through the registration process none of which are paid to PCQ Recruitment. If you are working with an Agency who has tried to charge you please let us know and we can take over this process with you at any stage at no charge.”