6 Factors to consider for Skype Nursing Interviews

6 czynnikow do rozważenia w rozmowie przez Skype
A lot of Nursing Homes and Hospitals are seeking to hire qualified EU nurses from overseas because of this, in most cases we set up Skype interviews for our clients and candidates as it is not feasible for them to travel. This will not be a familiar set-up for most but it is vital that Skype interviews are treated the same as a face-to-face interview. Here are our Top 6 Factors to consider when preparing for a Skype interview. 1. Time Make sure the time is agreed with both parties and it is agreed who is to call who. Don’t forget to consider the time differences between the Countries. Also, try choose a time which is good for you, maybe when kids are at school or a time when you will be relaxed. 2. Equipment Speak to a friend on Skype to test the line and make sure that the camera is at the right angle so that the client can clearly see you. 3. Dress for the occasion Even though you are at home, it is not OK for you to wear your pajamas or inappropriate clothing. Dress as you would if you were going for a face-to face interview. You may feel silly sitting at home in a suit, but the client will be impressed and you will feel better in yourself and more confident. 4. Surroundings Remember that the client will be able to see around you, so make sure you tidy up the area. Also, consider the light in the room, make sure that the client will be able to see your face. 5. Pay attention Just because you are sitting in the comfort of your own home, it can be easy to forget that the interviewers can see you, so show that you are paying attention and acknowledge what they are saying to you. 6. Speech Don’t forget to speak clearly and not too fast, also speak loud but don’t shout. Wait for the interviewer to stop talking before you begin. Sometimes there is a delay when speaking, try be patient and don’t panic.